The Great Homebake local event

thuisbak broden

The baked bread for the event

A local baking event was organised on which one had to bake *anything* using local ingredients. Of course for me this meant baking sourdough bread. There were 12 participants in total, of which everyone except for me baked sweets: muffins, apple cake, huge impressive looking pies and so forth. The winner received a cooking workshop with a well-known chef. I’ve had a lot of fun but of course couldn’t stand up to the massive attack of sweetness.

That did not matter anyway, the main purpose of joining the contest was to make sourdough baking a little bit more well-known. And I think I succeeded doing just that!

Baked breads – the recipes

In case anyone was wondering; I baked three different kinds of sourdough bread, all pictured in the photo:

  1. Vermont Sourdough from Mr. Hamelman’s “BREAD” – a classic. (upper right and mostleft loaves)
  2. Hearthy German country rye bread from “Local Breads” with all the spices (round loaf on the bottom right)
  3. Pain au Levain using a stiff starter from “Local Breads”.

The german country rye bread recipe is not quite like the link posted above (added spices and the rye amount does not 100% match) but it’s the closest relevant recipe posted on the site.

I’ve got some sourdough! Now what?

Congratulations! On to baking your first sourdough bread! Here are some interesting articles which guide you through the process of baking your very first loaf:

  1. A quick primer on sourdough baking
  2. Baking your daily bread – a report

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