whole rye-wheat combi

This is a variation of Mr. Hamelman’s “Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Sourdough Rye bread”. It contains 50% wholemeal flour and 50% strong white flour to help it rise, with a preferment of 25%.

Still very airy for a 50% wholemeal bread!



  • 250gr wholerye flour
  • 210gr water
  • 2 tablespoons of a mature 100% liquid rye sourdough.

Final build

  • 500gr strong white flour
  • 250gr wholewheat flour (finely ground)
  • 470gr water
  • 15gr salt
I’ve adopted my regular bread formula for the fermentation and proofing times – this means fermenting for 3-4h (it’s winter and our kitchen is at 19°C, so you might even want to ferment it longer!). Final proofing has been done in the basked in the fridge during the night. I baked them cold (still don’t own a baking stone yet…)
Please remember there is no added yeast to this formula, as opposed to Hamelman’s sourdough rye breads in his book “BREAD”!

_MG_7597.JPG Taste

This bread reminds me of a combination between the 50% wholerye walnut bread and Vermont sourdough. It seems to build up a nice tang the more you let it stand on your kitchen counter – and it tastes even better after 2 days of baking, amazing!

A nice trick I’ve learned to prevent the bread from drying out too quick: leave it with the cut side down on a cutting board! This prevents the moisture from leaving the bread. This bread will keep for more than 5 days!

It’s milder than 50% wholerye thanks to the addition of wholewheat though.
Submitted to Yeast Spotting.

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